Yahoo ending Flickr login support for Google, Facebook

June 9th, 2014 | by

For a very long time, Flickr users have been able to log into the photo sharing site using a variety of other service’s login info, such as Google and Facebook. This will all change after June 30, when the Yahoo-owned site will cease allowing users to login without a Flickr or Yahoo account.

This is a move by Yahoo to decrease its dependency on other sites, namely its competitor Google. As a result, users will soon have to find another way to log into the site without using Google or Facebook logins.

The change will come after June 30, afterwards users will have to use a Flickr login or they are able to use their Yahoo account.

Yahoo’s decision can be viewed as a good one. Flickr is finally a big enough product that Yahoo believes it can stand independent of some of its competitors. This is after Yahoo added the functionality to login with Google and Facebook three years ago. Allowing users to use more well-established services to log in to the service allowed Yahoo to build Flickr into a well-known brand.

The decision comes from Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer who, after seeing Yahoo logins to Flickr decrease recently, called for a split between the company’s competitors.