Xbox One to Use Windows 10 by Christmas

October 6th, 2015 | by


Microsoft made an announcement stating that its Xbox One video game system would be upgraded before Christmas to use the Windows 10 operating system. This would make it so Xbox 360 video games can now be played on the Xbox One.

This will make it to where most of Microsoft’s various devices will be using some form of its newest Windows operating system. The update is expected to be made live in November or at least before the Christmas holiday although there are no specifics as to the actual date that the move will take place in.

New limited edition consoles are also expected to be released around the same time. These include consoles with up to one terabyte of hard drive storage and select games that will come with them. These will retail for as much as $499. Details on the specific consoles for sale will be revealed in the future.

Source: TechCrunch