Woman to Receive Uterus From Dead Woman

November 14th, 2015 | by

The Cleveland Clinic has announced it will implant a uterus from a deceased woman into another woman who does not have one. This could potentially allow a woman who has ovaries but not a uterus to possibly become pregnant and then give birth.

This procedure will take place in a few months and will occur based on the availability of the uterus. Eight women who either have no uteruses or who have uteruses that have been damaged have signed up to be possible recipients.

This occurs off the heels of a successful live birth off of a uterine transplant in Sweden. However, that procedure was done through a live donor.

The Cleveland Clinic will perform at least ten of these procedures before determining if it can be offered to all women around the world. This could be to the benefit of nearly 50,000 American women who either have no uteruses or have damages to theirs.

Source: Morning Ticker