WHO Says Processed Meats are Cancerous

October 26th, 2015 | by

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The World Health Organization made an announcement stating that processed meats like sausages and bacon may be carcinogenic. That is, they may cause the development of cancer in some people who consume them. This is based on hundreds of studies relating to cancer and dietary habits.

The WHO particular states that colon cancer may be the most prominent form of cancer that people may experience following the excess consumption of processed meats.

Processed meats, according to the WHO’s definition, involves meat that is cured, smoked or salted to keep its flavor intact.

The WHO states that processed meats can be placed among smoking and exposure to asbestos as cancer risks. However, the WHO also stated that this does not mean that processed meats are definitely as harmful as those two other points.

The North American Meat Institute responded by saying that the data has been heavily skewed with the intention of creating this particular outcome.

Source: CNN