What Are the Hottest Trending Apps? We’re Counting Them Down!

June 4th, 2015 | by

In the recent years, Google Play Store and Apple Store have grown substantially, contributing to the boom of applications for our smartphones. Sounds great, right? The more, the merrier! The problem, however is, there are simply too many, that in a way tend to threaten to dilute the popularity of even the best apps.

Looking for the best apps that revolutionizes functionality and enhances your user experience? Here are some mobile app reviews – the must-downloads!

1.    Workflow

iOS – $2.99

Looking for your very own personal automation tool that makes your life easier? Then Workflow is the right app for you. Apps like Drafts have been helpful in the past, but the best feature about Workflow is that simplifies pretty much everything – from making animated GIFs, get directions to your favorite eatery, tweet your favorite song, and so much more! Get workflow now.

2.    Evernote

iOS & Google Play Store – Free

Without the Evernote app, many may have been lost in the bottomless abyss of notes, reminders and the never-ending “to-do” lists. This free organizing app remain unrivalled with the ability to organize notes, checklists, research, web articles, docs, and photos – all that can be synchronized online and accessed from absolutely anywhere! Get Evernote now from Google Play Store.

3.    Google Fit

Google Play Store – Free

Achieve a healthy lifestyle with this free app. This is not your ordinary fitness app that provides you with those conventional 10 minute work outs you’ll never end up doing. It’s so much more! Google Fit allows you to be in control. By setting up your goals in terms of duration or steps, Google Fit tracks your performance and activity, providing you with recommendations and comprehensive information on how well you’re doing over time. Begin your workout with Google Fit now.

4.    LevelUp

iOS & Google Play Store – Free

Take a leap into the future of making purchases with the LevelUp app. The app allows users to make purchases with your phone, using a RQ code of your respective credit cards. The merchants simply scan the RQ code to process the payments. The sign up is pretty simple too. Just follow the simple steps:

  1. Register for LevelUp by linking your plastic money – either debit or credit card.
  2. Scan the RQ code to make payments.
  3. And save money through a unique reward system.

LevelUp with Google or get an iOS LevelUp here.

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