Vocal Cords Grown in Lab

November 18th, 2015 | by

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison grew a new vocal cord in a lab according to a study published in the newest edition of Science Translational Medicine. The tissue that was created was bioengineered off of a cadaver’s vocal cord tissues. The vocal cord is even capable of passing sounds.

The cadaver tissue was applied to a collagen scaffold identical to what is used to grow artificial skin. The cells in the tissue started to grow in a few weeks. The new tissues were found to be flexible.

Cells from four patients who had their larynxes removed for non-cancer purposes were also added to the tissues. These were found to help with promoting the healthy growth of cells in these tissues.

This research may help with the process of restoring larynx tissues and to help grow new vocal cords so people who have lost these tissues can get them restored.

Source: The Daily Beast