US and China Working To Limit Cyber Attacks

September 19th, 2015 | by

Cyber Peace May Be In Sight

The United States and China are reportedly working to limit cyber attacks between the two countries during times of peace. Those familiar with the matter tell The New York Times that both countries would not use cyber attacks against “critical infrastructure.”

“Critical infrastructure” would include power grids/plants, communication systems, and other facilities that could be attacked in an effort to gain intelligence.

The UN Is Creating A Code Of Conduct

The Times is claiming that the announcement, which could come within the next week, could have scaled back language that supports a code of conduct that the United Nations is working on.

While this accord does seem like it would stop the majority of cyber attacks, it would likely not bring an end to other types of cyber activity. Spying, infiltration of foreign networks, and theft of intellectual property wouldn’t count as attacks on critical infrastructure.

Enforcement Might Be Easier Said Than Done

While the accord looks to be a move in the right direction, it’ll be tough to enforce. Unlike with physical attacks, cyber attacks can be difficult to pin down and the physical attacker might not always be in the country the attack is coming from.

While successful enforcement of such an accord might be something that remains to be seen, the fact that it exists is a good sign for relations between these two countries.

Source: The New York Times via The Verge