Toshiba WERAM1100 is the company’s first Fitness Tracker

August 11th, 2014 | by

Everyone is getting in on the wearable craze of 2014, and Toshiba is the latest company to throw their tech into the ring. The Toshiba WERAM1100 is the name of the new gadget, and it’s a fitness tracker with a nifty trick.

The Toshiba WERAM1100 can keep tabs on your steps and calories – it will even work with both Android and iOS devices. Wondering how you sleep? The WERAM1100 tracks that too, but it’s real claim to fame has to be the battery life as it is said to last around two weeks on a single charge. That is impressive.

It may not be the sleekest smartband we’ve seen, but the Toshiba WERAM1100 is a fitness tracker, not the Moto 360. The WERAM1100 will be released on August 20th through Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping… in Japan. Nor pricing has been announced and we don’t know if Toshiba’s smartband will leave Japan, but if it sells well, it is certainly possibly.