Tinder Introduces New Features For Daters

November 11th, 2015 | by

The dating app Tinder has introduced a series of brand new features for people to use when looking for other singles. The app has a new algorithm that entails reviews of behaviors that individual users have when looking for people. Tinder has been relatively quiet about the extreme specifics relating to how the new changes work.

Tinder has also introduced new profile features including details on one’s work and education information. This is to help people learn more about the individual singles that they find while using Tinder.

A new inbox is also being introduced here among the other new Tinder features. It features information on new matches, messages from other people and a better organization that focuses on the newest messages on the program.

Tinder states that it gets nearly 25 million matches among its users every day and has gotten more than ten billion matches among its users since the program was first launched.

Source: TechCrunch