The Exodus Movie Is Banned From Egypt

December 27th, 2014 | by

The 20th Century Fox film Exodus: Gods and Kings has been banned from release in Egypt. The Egyptian government states that it is a historically inaccurate film. Jabir Asfour, the Culture Minister of the country, referred to the film as “Zionist” and that the film even creates a claim stating that the pyramids of the country were built by Moses and the Jews.

The government says that many different issues can be found throughout the movie. These include Moses holding a sword instead of a staff and the parting of the Red Sea being the act of nature rather than as a miracle of the faith.

The Ridley Scott film features Christian Bale as Moses in a telling of a Bible story about the Jews escaping from slavery in Egypt.

This is the second American film to be banned from Egypt this year; the film Noah was banned as it was believed to be against the Islamic faith to portray a prophet.

Source: The Guardian