Thanksgiving Air Travel Expected to Be the Busiest in Years

November 6th, 2015 | by

The Airlines for America trade group is reporting that the number of people who will be traveling by air for the Thanksgiving holiday will be its largest since 2008. This is being interpreted as a sign of the recovering market in the post-recession era. This when combined with reduced fuel prices is also helping these businesses to make a profit.

The organization states that about 25.3 million passengers will be traveling during the twelve-day Thanksgiving travel period. This period will go from November 20 to December 1.

This is an increase over the 24.5 million passengers during a similar period in 2014.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday and Monday that occur after the holiday are anticipated as being the busiest time periods for air travel. Airlines are expected to become busier with many having double the staff members working at assorted airports as a means of supporting the increase in traffic that they will be expecting.