Target to Sell Special Soda In Conjunction With Fallout 4 Release

November 2nd, 2015 | by

Target has announced it will be selling a new soda from the Jones Soda company in honor of the release of Fallout 4, one of the hottest new video games for the season.
Jones Soda will rebrand its Berry Lemonade drink as Nuka-Cola Quantum. This refers to a rare version of a soft drink featured within the hit video game series. The product will contain the same ingredients as the standard Jones Soda product. The company is also emphasizing that it does not contain any radioactive ingredients like the product within the video game does.
Target will be selling this starting on November 10, the day the actual Fallout 4 video game is released by Bethesda. The product is only available for a limited time.
There is also a Fallout-themed beer being made by Carlsberg UK. However, the beer is only available in the United Kingdom at select stores around the country.
Source: Tech Times