SXSW Film Festival To Show 24 Kickstarter-Funded Movies

February 6th, 2015 | by

In what appears to be a significant display of the rise in Kickstarter’s power, the South By Southwest film festival in Austin will have 24 films on display this year that have been supported in some form through the website. This is about 17% of the 145 films being showed at the festival.

It is estimated that nearly $1.54 million was raised by more than 20,000 people for all of these films. The 17% total is among the highest totals among film festivals including Sundance, a festival where 10% or more of the films there were Kickstarter-backed recently.

This comes a year after the Veronica Mars movie premiered at SXSW. Veronica Mars got $5.7 million in funds from Kickstarter supporters.

Source: Variety