Samsung Smartphones Still On Top, But Market Share Dropping

December 15th, 2014 | by

In the third quarter of 2014, Samsung remained on top in the smartphone market, but a closer look into the data shows trouble is coming for the company.

According to research film Gartner, during it’s third quarter, Samsung sold 73.2 million smartphones worldwide, giving the company 24.4 percent market share. At this time last year, Samsung sold 80.4 million smartphones and had a 32.1 percent market share.

Overall sales in the smartphone market jumped from 250.3 million in 2013 to 301 million in 2014.

Samsung’s trouble comes from increased competition in the smartphone market in key areas, specifically in China. Gartner said Monday that Samsung’s smartphone sales in China, which is its biggest market, were down 28.6 percent year over year in the third quarter. Samsung has said with each quarterly financial filing that its smartphone business is stumbling, blaming the issues on competition and mounting marketing costs.

Apple was one of the biggest winners in the third quarter, with sales rising from 30.3 million last year to 38.2 million this year. Chinese smartphone makers Huawei and Xiaomi both saw sales spikes, with the former seeing a rise of 4.3 million units year over year to 16 million units; and the latter seeing sales rise from 3.6 million to 15.8 million year over year.

One big problem is Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone, which was released in April. A report from the Wall Street Journal stated that S5 sales were 40 percent lower than its predecessor. The company’s flagship phone only saw sales rise in the US, falling in all other markets.

Overall, Samsung’s mobile phone business seems to be failing. During the third quarter of last year, Samsung sold 117 million phones, according to Gartner, this year though, those sales fell to 94 million.

Gartner’s research shows that Apple may be the only one that can expect success from holiday sales, with Samsung’s mobile phone business slowly falling.

Source: CNet

[Image Source: NBC News]