Phone-Brella Solves Rainy Day Problem

August 19th, 2015 | by

Finally Tell Your Friends How Much It’s Raining While Outside

Do you find yourself with the inability to use your phone along with your umbrella? If you said yes to this, there’s finally a solution to your incredibly specific and #firstworld problem. Introducing the Phone-brella, an umbrella with a handle for mobile users.

The Phone-brella Probably Solves A Problem For Someone

The Phone-brella is an umbrella with a ring handle that allows you to use both hands with your phone while continuing to protect yourself from the rain. If you somehow can’t get a proper image of that in your head, check out the video below that introduces the product.

Created by KT design, the Phone-brella will finally allow you to make type out that “it’s raining” Facebook update without the rain impending your typing. There’s no information as to when or if the Phone-brella will make it to your wrist in the near future, but we can only hope that it’ll be sometime soon.

Source: YouTube