New Images of Pluto Revealed

December 6th, 2015 | by

The New Horizons spacecraft from NASA has returned some intense and sharp images of Pluto. These images were recorded in July.

The images, which are at a resolution of about 80 meters per pixel, show that Pluto has an icy surface. There is a large water-ice crust that makes up a large series of jagged mountains that are arranged all around the entire place. There are a number of glaciers around the surface of the planet as well.

NASA launched the New Horizons craft to analyze outside planets among other large bodies like Pluto. The shots of Pluto came about 17,000 kilometers away from Pluto’s surface.

More images of Pluto are expected to be returned in the next few days; NASA is hoping that they will be at a slightly better resolution.

This exploration comes years after Pluto was demoted from being a planet to being a dwarf body far from the sun.

Source: CNN