NBC Launches Seeso Video Streaming Service

January 9th, 2016 | by

Another video streaming service…my favorite.

NBC has become the latest traditional television channel to launch their own streaming service. Seeso is the yet another streaming service that hopes to differentiate itself from its seemingly identical brethren by offering its own original content.

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Just what we wanted, more NBC content!

Seeso is NBCUniversal’s service aimed at cord cutters, focusing mostly on comedy content. Previously in private beta, the service launched this week at a low $3.99 price point.

The service will offer well-known favorites like the Monty Python classics, “Parks and Recreation,” “The Office” (both US and UK versions), “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” along with over 40 years of “Saturday Night Live” episodes.

Seeso will also be offering original programs and stand-up specials. Currently, the lineup for originals are “The UCB Show,” which includes Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh; “Dave and Ethan : Lovemakers,” from Above Average Productions; “The Cyanide and Happiness Show;” “HarmonQuest,” from Dan Harmon and his Comedian Companions; along with several other shows from popular online and offline comedians. The first episodes of each show were made available for free during Seeso’s beta, but that offer is no longer available since the public launch. Fortunately, some of Seeso’s content will continue to be free indefinitely.

Seeso Blends On-Demand and Live Programming

Seeso’s content premiers just like a standard television network, with new episodes being added on a weekly basis. The streaming service’s release schedule differs from its competitors, Netflix and Hulu, who want their customers to be binge their content and it may hurt the service in the long run.

Where Seeso also differs from its competition is its live events. During the beta phase, the service delivered a live special called “The Guest List: Live From The Barrel House,” which is available to watch on-demand now. Another live special is planned for January 13th. Similar to Hulu, Seeso will offer users some free content to get them interested in the service, then charge for the rest to get them to pay.

Anyone looking to try out the service can either go to the Seeso website or use the recently launched iOS and Android apps.

Source: Seeso via TechCrunch