Milk Nanny Goes On Kickstarter

February 1st, 2015 | by

The Wicoz Inc. company has introduced a new baby care product that is currently being backed on Kickstarter. The company is looking to raise funds to support the development of the Milk Nanny.

The milk nanny is a small countertop appliance designed to prepare baby formula. The unit will store some formula and water and can heat up a mixture of the two with the push of a button. The unit has a design similar to that of a traditional coffee maker in that it will mix the contents with care.

This product also works with a smartphone application to allow the user to control it wirelessly. It will even identify the nutritional statistics of the formula and even track how it is being dispensed over time.

The unit is expected to go for nearly $300 in value but Kickstarter donors can get it for as little as $149.

Source: TechCrunch