Microscopic Fish Could Clean Blood Toxins

September 3rd, 2015 | by

Tiny Fish Swimming Through Your Blood

A team of scientists and researchers from UC San Diego have created the “microfish,” tiny robots that could one day swim through your bloodstream to remove it of toxins.

Using 3D-printing technology, the team created a method of printing called “microscale continuous optical printing,” which will allow them to create hundreds of tiny ship-shaped bots. The printer involved is capable of creating shapes and adding nanoparticles that perform different functions alongside the ability to project UV light onto photosensitive materials thanks to millions of micromirrors.

Bringing Drugs To You In A New Way

Platinum nanoparticles in the tail of these microfish reacts with hydrogen peroxide to propel them forward, while the fish is directed with magnets and iron oxide in the head. Treatment is released when the microfish is in the desired location.

The system has a lot of potential for the way drugs are sent into the body. Plus, who wouldn’t want frggin’ sharks in their bloodstream?

Source: Engadget