Man Buys Google Domain for a Minute, Gets Reimbursed

October 12th, 2015 | by


Former Google employee and current MBA student Sanmay Ved bought the domain through the Google Domains service recently for $12. He reached the domain’s webmaster tools but lost access to it a minute later after Google found the error and reversed the transaction.

Google recently paid Ved an undisclosed amount of money as a result of the discovery. Google typically pays people who find errors in its system including errors that might compromise the overall security of the website.

Ved stated that he wanted to show people that it is important to find bugs in programs to ensure that they can be fixed in as little time as possible. He was not concerned about the money that he got.

Ved stated that he got at least $10,000 from Google but would not state the specific total. He donated the money he received to the Art of Living India, a charity dedicated to providing educational services to poor residents in India. Google also announced that it would donate double the amount that Ved sent to the organization.