Lenovo Phasing Out Motorola Brand

January 9th, 2016 | by

The End Of An Era

A Motorola executive has revealed to CNet that Lenovo will be phasing out the Motorola name.


Lenovo, who purchased Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014, is said to be combining both of its two phone businesses under the Lenovo name. The Motorola name won’t completely disappear, though. Lenovo plans on using the name “Moto by Lenovo” for its higher-end phones, with Lenovo’s Vibe brand for budget devices.

Moto by Lenovo

Motorola’s disappearance from the phone market is notable since, at one point, it was almost impossible to not see a Motorola device. Google bought Motorola’s phone business in 2012 and sold it to Lenovo two years later.

CNet does note that Lenovo still plans on using the Motorola brand in additional ways.

Lenovo wants to use its corporate brand to unify the products. Phones such as the Moto X will prominently feature the blue Lenovo logo. Motorola’s iconic M “batwing” logo will still be used.

Lenovo is likely making this decision to bolster its home-grown brand, while keeping the Motorola brand for Android enthusiasts.

Source: CNet