Keep your Brew chilly with the Underground eCool

May 29th, 2014 | by

A lot of folks enjoy the occasional cold beer during the summer and let’s face it, coolers full of ice can be a real pain to deal with. If you dig the outdoors, and don’t mind doing a bit of digging you may want to look into a cool device called the eCool beer cooler.

The eCool beer cooler doesn’t run off electricity, and it’s about as natural as it gets. The cooler is around 4 feet tall and holds 24 cans of your favorite beverage be it beer or soda. If you have ground, you have space for it as that’s how it cools your cans. The eCool uses nature to keep things cool, just like old dark cellars did back in the day. Want a brew? Just use the hand crank and the eCool takes care of the rest. It’s also pretty damned cool looking as you can see from the

From now until June 30th, you can pick up an eCool beer cooler for $349. After that you’ll have to shell out $369. If you’re ready to impress the neighbors and do away with ice, you can head on over to the eCool site and pick up the coolest cooler of the year.