Junk Food May Not Totally Cause Obesity

November 8th, 2015 | by

A research study from Cornell University has found that people who eat unhealthy junk food may not totally be at risk of becoming overweight. The study, which entailed about 6,000 people, found that the consumption of unhealthy products like sodas, candy and various forms of fast food was not correlated to obesity.

In addition, many people who had lower body mass index ratings were listed as having eaten more calories in a typical day than those who are obese.

The study did find that French fries appeared to be a noteworthy trend. The study found that those who are obese ate about fifty percent more French fries than those who are not.

Cornell University still informs people that the consumption of unhealthy foods is still not recommended. However, further research is needed to see if there is a more unique underlying cause of obesity that goes well outside of an unhealthy diet.

Source: Fortune