Inventor Seeks To Improve Coffee’s Flavor

April 20th, 2015 | by

Inventors from all over usually run into one very common problem…getting their invention discovered. That situation was the same for Louis Dakis, who has spent the last three years working on a patent-pending brewing system that he says will improve the quality of coffee brewed at home.

Dakis has been working tirelessly to improve the quality of coffee brewing found in standard Keurig ‘K-Cup’ servings. Selling his prized sports car along with taking money out of his annuities were just a few of the set backs Dakis encountered while working to improve everyone’s cup of joe. After years of hard work, he invented the Calix, a product that changes how Keurig machines brew coffee.

But, Dakis still had a lot of hurdles to jump through, the most prominent being a way to get his now massive inventory to market. Five months and thousands of dollars left the Calix multi-layer brewing technology with a patent and a large inventory.

Dakis spent weeks trying to get his product into stores and eventually in houses. After nearly giving up, he finally was given a stage to show off his product on ‘Food Fortunes,’ a show airing on the Food Network. On the program, four investors hear pitches from organic food makers and inventors. After polling a studio audience armed with voting controls, the investors decide whether or not they would like to partner with the contestants.

Fortunately for Dakis, Pat LaFrieda, a meat purveying titan who called Dakis a “brilliant” inventor, agreed to invest $75,000 into the product in exchange for a 51 percent stake in the business venture.

Louis Dakis and his coffee brewing invention have a long way to go before he’s a hit, but Dakis is optimistic that there will be demand for his product.

Source: North Jersey