Google Nearby brings contextual awareness to Android

June 9th, 2014 | by

AndroidPolice has an exclusive look at an alleged feature coming soon to Android devices. It’s called Google Nearby and it’s a contextual awareness suite that could give users’ devices a deeper understanding of location than ever before.

According to AndroidPolice’s description of the service, Nearby could possibly lead to location-targeted Google Wallet offers or even alerts about other Nearby users when they are in the immediate vicinity. Nearby could even work for home automation; with the service being able to control garage doors, home lights, or even heating when a device is close to home, but not when you’re far away.


Even though this is unconfirmed, AndroidPolice is confident about their sources and has a strong track record about these types of things. Something like this could launch, or at the very least be announced, at Google’s developer conference in the coming weeks.

Source: AndroidPolice via Gizmodo