Google Drive to Support WhatsApp Backups

October 7th, 2015 | by


Google Drive has announced a new feature that will allow people to back up WhatsApp messages and other bits of WhatsApp content on Android devices. When it arrives, the newest edition of WhatsApp for Android will allow users to get private backups of their chats, voice messages, photos and other assorted files prepared through this popular site online. This is expected to be a very popular part of the app when it will be released.

The feature is expected to be unveiled in the next few months. The backup feature will allow the user to get items backed up on a daily, weekly or monthly rate depending on the user’s preference. The user must set up one’s proper Google account manually through the app and then select particular preferences. The data will then be stored on the Google Drive account as long as the user has enough space on one’s drive in order to handle the data as it is being used.