Google Alerts to start bringing in tweets

June 9th, 2014 | by

Recently, Twitter has shown that it is a valuable asset when it comes to news coverage. With the speed it provides and its popularity, Twitter has become more and more prevalent in news reporting over the past few years. Google has taken notice and plans to begin including tweets in its Public Alerts service in times of crisis.

Google has teamed up with the social network to bring tweets from official sources, such as the National Weather Service and others. More “extreme” Public Alerts will include tweets from other sources to help answer questions such as school closings, evacuations, and what’s happening on the front lines.

Only English-speaking regions will have access to relevant tweets for now. Google is planning to expand the feature to other regions in the future.

What will be the real deciding factor in whether or not this becomes a success is if Google can sort the legitimate tweets from those that aren’t. In emergency situations, the ability to wade through the misinformation can be important in stopping the spread of erroneous “facts.”

Source: Google+ via BGR