Gas Taxes To Change In Some States In 2015

December 29th, 2014 | by

Ten states are going to see changes in their gas taxes at the start of the new year. Pennsylvania has the highest increase in its gas tax as that state will see an increase of 9.8 cents per gallon of fuel in 2015. Virginia will also have a gas tax increase of 5.1 cents as well as Maryland at 2.9 cents, North Carolina at 1 cent and Florida at 0.3 cents.

Five states will see declines in their gas taxes but Kentucky is the only one of those states that will see a decline of more than a cent in the tax. The tax there will go down by 4.3 cents. Nebraska, New York, Vermont and West Virginia will all see miniscule declines in their gas taxes.

Source: Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy