Feds Bust Chinese Hoverboard Maker At CES

January 9th, 2016 | by

Booth raided at the Consumer Electronics Show

Federal marshals raided a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show where a Chinese hoverboard maker was showing off products. The raid came after a US company made allegations that its product was being illegally copied.

Future Motion Inc., created a device called OneWheel and has filed a patent infringement suit against Changzhou First International Trade Co. in a federal court in Las Vegas. The company won an emergency temporary restraining order, which led to US marshals seizing merchandise that Changzhou was displaying at its CES booth.


Future Motion verses Chinese Copycats

“That is very damaging,” Kyle Doerksen, Future Motion’s chief executive and chief engineer, said. “It creates confusion around who are the innovators, who are the trustworthy sources.”

According to Doerksen, Changzhou was selling an exact copy of the OneWheel hoverboard, which was unveiled at CES 2014. Shawn Kolitch, an attorney representing Future Motion, said it is somewhat unusual to convince federal authorities to launch a raid at CES, but not unprecedented; adding: “It does take a pretty clear case of infringement

Source: WSJ