DirecTV to Offer Live 4K Broadcasts

December 2nd, 2015 | by

The popular satellite television service provider DirecTV is planning to offer live 4K television service at some point in early 2016. This comes amid recent reports that nearly a third of all homes in the United States will have 4K television sets in the coming year. This news is from advisors and directors of communication within the company.

DirectTV has been gathering more content to use for 4K broadcasts. The company has been working hard to offer 1080p broadcasts all around, a feature that is not covered by all cable and satellite providers just yet.

UltraHD sports broadcasts are currently being tested in select areas and through varying networks. This is to determine if the bandwidth controls that DirectTV is looking to work with are actually available and can be used as needed.

The company currently has a 4K service although it is extremely limited in terms of what it offers.

Source: Ledger Gazette