Comcast Asks to Reset 200,000 Email Passwords

November 10th, 2015 | by

Comcast contacted nearly 200,000 broadband email subscribers to state that their passwords have to be reset. This came after a Dark Web seller attempted to unload a listing of more than half a million email addresses and passwords linked up with Comcast.

Dark Web tried to sell batches of accounts for hundreds of dollars each. However, more than half a million of those accounts were involved in the transaction with close to a third of those accounts already being active at the time the transaction was being made. These include accounts with access to broadband email services and the company’s popular TV Everywhere program.

Individual customers whose emails were targeted in the transaction have been consulted about the need to get their passwords reset.

The total issue only impacts a very small number of Comcast email subscribers. Comcast has nearly 23 million high-speed online subscribers in residences around the country.

Source: Multi Channel