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Bitcoin ATM comes to Australia

April 15th, 2014 | by

We told you about an ATM machine that spits out cupcakes a few weeks back, and now we’re going to talk about one that will give you Bitcoins as folks in Australia just got their first Bitcoin ATM.

Drone crashes during Triathlon in Australia

April 7th, 2014 | by

A triathlete has reportedly been injured in Australia from a drone that crashed during the race. Luckily it wasn’t a military drone like the one that crash-landed in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania a few days ago.

Plane seemingly angers ‘Uncontacted’ Amazon tribe

March 30th, 2014 | by

Mankind spends a lot of time wondering what lies beyond the stars, but we’ve still got a lot to learn about our own planet. Believe it or not, there are still some tribes of “uncontacted people” in the world, and a photographer from the AP is giving us a glimpse at a few of them.