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Amazon Moves Its Apps Onto Its Main Mobile Store Page

October 25th, 2014 | by

Traditionally, Amazon users gad to install the separate Amazon Appstore program in order to get access to different mobile applications. The site has changed all that by quietly releasing a new function on its traditional Amazon app. The original Amazon app now has an Apps…

The Tiiny App Is Coming Soon to Smartphones

September 11th, 2014 | by

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg and Revision3, recently founded the North development house. This group will be releasing its very first app soon. This is called Tiiny and it will allow people to share small images that will be deleted soon after. Tiiny allows…

LG G Vista available from AT&T on August 22 for $50

LG G Vista

August 11th, 2014 | by

AT&T is getting the LG G Vista, and if you’re willing to sign up for a new 2-year stint, it’ll only set you back $50. Is it worth it or just another cheap handset? Read on to find out… The LG G Vista is a…

Galaxy Grand 2 now available in Gold

August 11th, 2014 | by

If you’re looking for a solid handset that won’t break the bank, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a fine option. The device has been out for a bit, but soon you’ll be able to get it in gold. The mid-range Galaxy Grand 2 was…

LG G Watch residue issue fixed with new update

LG G Watch

August 3rd, 2014 | by

The LG G Watch has been well received, but some users have reported some charging issues along with the occasional burn on the wrist from corrosion on the charging pin. LG has a fix ready, and it just rolled out in the form of a…