Car Dealer Fires Former Gang Member After Success Story

June 21st, 2015 | by

Man Fired Despite Being Successful Ex-Con

One would think a story of success being published about someone would only bring more success to that person. Apparently not, as Quante Wright was let go from his job as a car salesman day after he was featured in a story about the struggles he’s faced throughout his life.

Wright was originally hired to work at Lowery Brothers Chrysler Jeep based on just an interview with Steve Spector, the manager of the dealership. Spector did not ask Wright about any criminal convictions during the interview and Wright didn’t tell the manager about his criminal past. Wright eventually disclosed his convictions when he filled out his application for work. His violations include a violation of the federal RICO law, which covers organized crime; the crimes included attempted murder and dealing crack when he was a member of the Brighton Brigade, a gang in Syracuse.

Wright Fired After Success Story Is Published

While Spector was aware that Wright had a criminal past, he didn’t know much about the nature of Wright’s crimes until he read a story about Wright on The story brought exactly what Wright had previously done and became the reason for Spector firing the ex-convict.

Wright is currently on probation until 2017, and there is a chance he could be sent back to prison after his recent firing. After he was let go, Wright failed to immediately return to the halfway house he’s currently living at. Because of this, Wright was written up for “escape” and could be sent back to prison for violating his probation.

Wright is currently looking for a job, seeking anyone in the Syracuse area for help and his resume has been posted online. Since leaving prison in 2012, Wright has held internships and worked at a call center before being hired at the car dealership.