Best Buy, Amazon Sell Out on Samsung Gear VR

November 21st, 2015 | by

The Samsung Gear VR device is coming out to many online retailers and select stores but it is currently sold out at Amazon and Best Buy’s websites.

This product, which is expected to cost about a hundred dollars, works with many Samsung smartphones and offers a virtual reality environment. This in turn allows for a more immersive experience when playing with games, movies and other files. This offers a full 360-degree viewing angle.

Samsung has not released information on how many copies of the Samsung Gear VR headset will be made available when the product is officially released in the near future. The company did say in a message that it is hoping to get all of its orders handled and that any delays in terms of how products are to be made available are as minimal as possible. This is to ensure that the customers who buy these products will certainly have an easier time with getting the products that they want to order.

Source: TechCrunch