Michael Fox

Vocal Cords Grown in Lab

November 18th, 2015 | by Michael Fox

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison grew a new vocal cord in a lab according to a study published in the newest edition of Science Translational Medicine. The tissue that was created was bioengineered off of a cadaver’s vocal cord tissues. The vocal cord is…

13 Child and Teen Stars Who Become Hot Adults

November 18th, 2015 | by Michael Fox

Many former child stars have proven themselves to be more than just former young celebs. They are also rather appealing adults. Some of them continue to be hot to this day.

Google Chrome Being Used on More Than 800 Million Mobile Devices

November 17th, 2015 | by Michael Fox

Google announced that its popular Google Chrome web browser is being used by about 800 million mobile users every month. This announcement was made during the Chrome Dev Summit meeting. This new measurement is about twice the total as what Google said the browser had…

Oxford Word of the Year is an Emoji

November 16th, 2015 | by Michael Fox

The Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year was announced as an emoji, specifically the “tears of joy” one. This was chosen by the prominent dictionary firm as a symbol of the mood and interests of people throughout the past year. The emoji was chosen as…

Woman to Receive Uterus From Dead Woman

November 14th, 2015 | by Michael Fox

The Cleveland Clinic has announced it will implant a uterus from a deceased woman into another woman who does not have one. This could potentially allow a woman who has ovaries but not a uterus to possibly become pregnant and then give birth. This procedure…