All The Announcements From WWDC 2015

June 9th, 2015 | by

Apple’s WWDC 2015 Announcements

Throughout the week, Apple is showcasing the newest updates to its software platforms. On Monday, Tim Cook and company kicked off the week with a keynote. Apple brought out quite a few announcements, although they weren’t as flashy or significant as those in previous years but there was still a lot of updates to report.

OS X El Capitan


Apple’s once again updating OS X. While last year’s Yosemite update brought a redesigned look and feel to the desktop OS, this year’s update will focus fine-tuning the system. The OS gets its name from El Capitan, the notable mountain within Yosemite, signifying its identity as an update that refines and builds on last year’s release.

El Capitan includes window management, a new split view for displaying two fullscreen windows at the same time, along with improved Spotlight search and updates to apps like Notes and Maps. Safari has also been updated with features like a universal mute button for silencing audio from tabs and pinned sites. Overall, El Capitan will also include system performance updates, making many tasks on Macs faster than before.

The update is available to registered developers immediately, with a public beta coming in July. An official release will come later this fall.

iOS 9


Another update for the company’s mobile OS, iOS 9 is similar to OS X El Capitan as it lacks a large new feature list, but will offer refinements that build upon last year’s update.

iOS 9 will improve battery life and reduce the amount of storage space the OS takes up. Siri will also be getting an update, offering “Proactive” features that will apparently help you better manage your life. Maps will be updated with transit directions, Notes has new Evernote-style features, and a new News app will give users personalized news for sources of their choice (similar to Flipboard). Passbook, with its updated Apple Pay features is becoming Wallet and HealthKit is able to track more data. On the iPad, multitasking is completely revamped, with users now being able to run two apps side-by-side on a single iPad Air 2.

iOS 9 is available to registered developers immediately, with a public beta coming in July. An official release will come later this fall.

watchOS 2


Apple is bringing a big upgrade to its Watch just two months after its release. A lot of features from iOS 9 are coming to the Apple Watch, along with improved watch faces, and options to interact more throughout the OS. Developers can now build apps that pay video and audio using the watch’s speakers.

Apple’s watchOS 2 will be available to developers immediately, with a consumer release coming this fall.

Apple Music


Saving its biggest announcement until the very end, Apple announced its new music service. Apple Music offers customers access to their favorite artists, music videos and clips in HD, and curated playlists. A feature called Connect will offer unsigned artists the option to upload their own music to the service. Apple is also creating a global radio station called Beats 1.

The service is launching on June 30th for $9.99/month (with a $14.99/ month family plan). Apple Music will run on any machine with iTunes, iOS devices, and (starting in the fall) Android devices.

What Happens Next?

WWDC is a developers conference, so while we all get to see what Apple’s planning, the developers are those that’ll be testing out Apple’s latest upgrades. The general public won’t see all the betas and releases that go into the first iOS 9 update. It’s possible a few more features and improvements will be added to everything that Apple announced at WWDC 2015, but we’ll have to wait until this fall to truly find that out.