Collaborative Art Comes To Twitch

December 21st, 2015 | by

Twitch Plays Art?

Following the announcement of a ‘Creative’ section on Twitch and that the site would be streaming reruns of Bob Ross, someone has created a machine that creates artwork live on Twitch. Inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon, an experiment in crowdsourced gameplay, Chris Chen has created a machine that listens to the inputs of anyone on Twitch chat and paints.

“I wanted [people] to take control of the robot to paint.” Chen says, “The idea is to integrate technology into the creation process [of art] so people can watch it being painted in real time.”

Twitch Chat Needs Art Lessons

The machine involved in the process cost about $200 to build, originally was used to create real-time copies of artwork drawn on a Wacom tablet; it also recorded the artist’s movements to create a replica of the drawing afterwards as well.

While Twitch Plays Pokemon eventually ending up beating several of the beloved childhood games, but when the technology is added to a painting robot, the results seem to be less than desirable.
Source: Twitch, Engadget