‘6S Marketing’ Asks Apple To Rename New iPhone

September 16th, 2015 | by

Agency Pleads With Apple

An ad agency located in New York City is asking Apple to change the name of their upcoming iPhone. The company wrote an open letter addressing Apple about the name of the iPhone, asking if it could be called the iPhone 7.

Will Apple Change The New iPhone’s Name?

6S Marketing is hoping to persuade Apple to change the name of the iPhone 6S, to the iPhone 7. The company has written an open letter and rented several billboards, reading “Dear Universe, Please call it the iPhone 7. Sincerely, 6S Marketing.”

In the letter posted on 6S Marketing’s website, the company urges Apple to “reconsider” their naming convention.

See, our company name is 6S Marketing, but our clients, friends, and colleagues simply refer to us as good ol’ “6S.” It’s a small name but a big part of our identity — one we’ve been using since 2000, when we started this company in my tiny apartment. At that time, we didn’t think that one of the biggest, and most well-respected, companies would use it to name a mobile device. (We were still using Motorola flip phones at the time, after all.)

The reason we chose the name “6S” is that it sound like “success” (get it?).

Apple has a tradition of naming the iPhone, with every other year a new number being included and in between an ’S’ version that usually keeps the same exterior with newer internals. This year is an ’S’ year, with Apple keeping the casing of the iPhone relatively the same, but will be updating the internals.

With Apple expected to release the new iPhone 6S within the next few weeks, with an announcement coming at their September 9th event.
Source: MacRumors